External thermal insulation systems (thermal facade)

Let's Build uses the set of certified WEBER materials of the Saint-Gobain group, considered the best choice for thermal insulation today. The process starts with glue, followed by special insulating plates made of:
Expanded polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam (during its production it has the form of granules, while the resulting product becomes condenced).
Extruded polystyrene in the form of a plate (does not absorb water and is an ideal solution in places with increased humidity). In the cases it contains graphite, it is expanded graphite or extruded polystyrene.
Next come the special mechanical fixing plugs and the creation of an anti-fracture substrate. At the end, the priming and the white or colored pasty plaster are applied. Let's Build makes the commitment that the building created will remain protected from adverse weather conditions, both during winter and summer.