Inert materials

Aggregate materials are derived from the fracture or fragmentation of rocks, and so there is no chemical reaction between them and the welding materials. Let's Build uses the following materials in a variety of grain sizes:

  • Egyptian quartz sand in large bags, also known as big bags, in various grain sizes. This specific type of sand is blond, dry, of a high-level hardness. It is suitable for grouting, plastering, sandblasting, and for non-slip use (swimming pools, etc.)
  • Damarisia sand (also known as quarry sand), gravel, mosaic (bulk or in big bags).
  • Sea sand that is delivered washed, sieved and free of clay.
  • Marble dust, a material for smoothing plasters (Kavala, Paros).
  • River pebbles, without corners, with an impact surface in various grain sizes.
  • Original pumice stone from Nisyros island. It is sold in various grain sizes, in bulk or in big bags.
  • Silica sand, suitable for substrates, in bulk or in big bags.
  • Greek Kimolos island zeolite in various grain sizes.